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Tailor-made solutions for every customer – our company has met this requirement since 1897. By land, by sea, and by air, in Europe and worldwide. Wasem Logistik GmbH operates from five locations in Rhineland-Palatinate. Benefit from our experience.

Our Services

We offer the right solution for every customer requirement. Our services go far beyond storage and transport. They include the following value-added services.

We are the logistics partner

We have been working trustfully with our customers from various branches of industry for many years. Let us achieve our goals together!


The automotive industry works with complex manufacturing and assembly networks. And with decades of experience, we offer innovative logistics solutions – flexible and reliable.


The chemical industry is the foundation for most other industry sectors. Use our logistical expertise and knowledge for your production.


Due to the large variety of parts, the electrical industry requires special logistics solutions. We offer optimal storage and just-in-time delivery for your high-quality electronics.

Consumer Goods

We offer comprehensive logistics services for the production, storage, and delivery of consumer goods. So that your goods reach the supermarket shelves as quickly as possible.

Food Products

Food logistics requires a continuous cooling and organizational chain. We offer this around the clock, seven days a week.

Packaging Solutions

The need for packaging must be made available faster and faster. With warehouses with siding, we offer tailor-made storage and just-in-time delivery.

Our Happy Clients

Wasem Logistik Is Moving Headquarters

Wasem Logistik Is Moving Headquarters

Wasem Logistik Is Moving Headquarters Jochen Wasem is at the head of a company whose services have been in increasing demand over the past ten years. In order to meet these requirements, Wasem Logistik is currently running several projects. The...

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Wasem Logikstik Expands Strongly

Wasem Logikstik Expands Strongly

Wasem Logikstik Expands Strongly It is growing and growing and growing: We are talking about Wasem Logistik GmbH, which has been operating a new hall in the Industrial Area North for a year now, a second one will be completed in October. The company...

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