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Consumer Goods

We develop individual supply chain solutions in close cooperation with you. We also offer many additional services such as customs clearance, co-packing, fulfilment, production delivery, project logistics, trade fair and environmentally friendly transport.

Logistics in the consumer goods market is a complex area. Wasem Logistics GmbH has a sound knowledge of the consumer goods industry and offers innovative logistics solutions. We help you to reduce your overall costs, increase the efficiency of your supply chain and gain a competitive edge.

For years our partners in the B2C industry have entrusted us with the optimisation of their supply chains. And over this time we have worked closely with each and every one of our consumer goods customers to develop tailored solutions with huge benefits. 

 We optimise inventories to ensure shorter transport times to your target market. And in doing so we support and improve your relationship with your business partners and consumers. Our software-supported solutions development is also designed for optimal strategic and tactical planning – for distribution networks and warehouses. We optimise labor costs via state-of-the-art technologies and develop co-packing solutions especially for the consumer goods industry. 

We also offer a wide range of additional services. From customs clearance to accompanying trade fairs, we ensure your success, no matter in which area of the consumer goods industry you specialise in.

 For many years we have been working for customers in the field of household cleaners, body care, and drugstore articles. We know the industry well and we know what matters. So take advantage of our know-how to ensure your goods are always available at the point of sale. We store and distribute your goods at any time and in large quantities. And, above all, our completely synchronised, IT-supported processing of orders ensures efficient and cost-saving control of goods traffic. To reduce your time and costs!

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Die Branche arbeitet mit komplexen Fertigungs- und Montage-Netzwerken. Wir sind der kompetente Partner für innovative Logistiklösungen- flexibel und zuverlässig.

Packaging Solutions

Verpackungsbedarf muss immer schneller bereit gestellt werden. Durch Lagerhallen mit Gleisanschluss bietet wir passgenaue Lagerung und Just-in Time Lieferung an.


Die Chemieindustrie ist die Grundlagenbranche für sämtliche Industriezweige. Nutzen sie unser logistisches Fachwissen für Ihre chemische Produktion.

Food Products

Nahrungsmittellogistik benötigt eine durchgehende Kühl- und Organisationskette. Wir bieten diese rund um die Uhr an sieben Tagen in der Woche.


Durch die große Teilevielfalt benötigt die Elektoindustrie besondere Logistiklösungen. Wir bieten für ihre hochwertigen Elektronikartikel die optimale Lagerung und Just-in-time-Anlieferung an.

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