Air and Ocean Freight

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Air and Ocean Freight

We act as an interface, linking you and renowned industry leaders in the air and sea freight sectors. Our task is to negotiate the best price for the best quality and to organize and supervise the entire transportation – from the pre-carriage/main carriage/post-carriage. Since we also take care of customs clearance, you’ll have the advantage of receiving everything from a single source and with just point of contact for handling processes.
Due to the intensifying foreign trade relations in the world economy, the importance of air and sea freight is increasing rapidly. Speed, safety and reliability are of the utmost importance. And so we simplify and optimize the process for you. We’ll organize your worldwide flow of goods and manage all relevant freight documents via large air and sea freight providers.

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Contract Logistics

Regardless of region, business field or sector, our company offers you a wide range of logistics and transport services. As a modern logistics company, we adapt exactly to your wishes. And for special requirements we have the right solution.

Inhouse Logistics

Our services start with your company. Wasem Logistics GmbH solves your complex logistics requirements and designs a workflow in line with production and shipping. So that you can concentrate on your core business!

Warehouse Logistics

Goods must be readily available when needed. And this is ensured by our state-of-the-art warehouse logistics. We accept goods, inspect and store them properly. So that the loading and dispatch can take place as fast as possible.

Road Freight Europe

In recent years no other comparable mode of transport has achieved transport growth rates as high as airplanes. Yet, shipping by sea also remains an efficient and steadily growing transport branch. No matter what you need, Wasem Logistics GmbH will send your goods safely around the globe.

Special Deliveries

Flexibility is required in the logistics industry. We offer you the right solution when things need to be delivered quickly, or when your own cargo space is no longer sufficient. No matter where you have to transport your goods, Wasem Logistics GmbH turns the world into a village.

Customs Clearance

As a full-service provider, we ensure that your global supply chains don’t falter at the border. We take care of the entire customs clearance of your imports and exports and take care of all formalities as well as express, courier and special trips.

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