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With the rise of globalisation, the electronics industry is under more time and cost pressure than ever before. And at Wasem Logistics GmbH we understand and respect this pressure. As such, our client tailored solutions are designed to optimise production processes and reduce your operating costs.

We offer multi-party platforms for planning and collaborating with your supply chain and increasing material and production flows. We also provide end-to-end visibility and special products to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of your shipments.

To continuously improve our processes we maintain contract logistics/SCM programs. So that your supply chain remains fully optimised at all times. Through Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions, we ensure optimal inventory management.

All of this combined with our value-added services, such as repairs or labelling, ensures that we can meet all of your SCM needs.

High-quality, expensive and sensitive electronic components require sensitive storage and goods distribution. And we’ll help you to reduce your storage and delivery costs through efficient contract logistics. We store properly and deliver reliably – nationally and worldwide. Testament to this is the simple fact that world leaders in the field have been relying on Wasem Logistics GmbH for decades. Just ask about our logistics solutions for the high-tech industry!

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Die Branche arbeitet mit komplexen Fertigungs- und Montage-Netzwerken. Wir sind der kompetente Partner für innovative Logistiklösungen- flexibel und zuverlässig.

Packaging Solutions

Verpackungsbedarf muss immer schneller bereit gestellt werden. Durch Lagerhallen mit Gleisanschluss bietet wir passgenaue Lagerung und Just-in Time Lieferung an.


Die Chemieindustrie ist die Grundlagenbranche für sämtliche Industriezweige. Nutzen sie unser logistisches Fachwissen für Ihre chemische Produktion.

Consumer Goods

Wir bieten umfassenden logistischen Service für die Produktion sowie Lagerung und Auslieferung von Konsumgütern an. Damit Ihre Ware auf schnellstem Wege in die Supermarktregale kommt.

Food Products

Nahrungsmittellogistik benötigt eine durchgehende Kühl- und Organisationskette. Wir bieten diese rund um die Uhr an sieben Tagen in der Woche.

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