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Hardly any other industry is as dynamic as the automotive industry. As such, the automotive industry is the driver of innovative logistics solutions. We know that the demands placed on those in the production process are high. At Wasem Logistik GmbH we have decades of experience in this branch of logistics and offer a comprehensive service for the entire supply industry. This includes warehousing, warehouse logistics, shuttle service and Europe-wide delivery at fixed rates.

The automotive industry is also characterized by strong fluctuations in production and a large number of product variants. This means that every supply chain must be flexible without compromising quality. And at Wasem Logistik GmbH we know the challenges you face and have catered accordingly, offering tailored solutions to make your work easier. 

We offer individual, cost-effective, integrated and intermodal logistics solutions for the shipment of components, spare parts, and finished vehicles throughout the entire supply chain. We also have appropriate production control and quality assurance systems for the production of assemblies with sophisticated components. And we cover the entire aftermarket spectrum in spare parts warehousing.

So, no matter where in the world your shipments are needed, you can trust that they’ll reach their destination quickly and reliably. And with our system of continuous improvement, we’ll help keep you ahead of the competition. Whether you’re entering a new market, planning a new production facility or simply need a logistics partner to optimize your supply chain, our customized solutions can meet your exact requirements. To get you ahead of the game.

Our Industry Solutions

Packaging Solutions

The need for packaging must be made available faster and faster. With warehouses with siding, we offer tailor-made storage and just-in-time delivery. 


The chemical industry is the backbone for most industry sectors. Use our logistical expertise and knowledge for your production.

Consumer Goods

We offer comprehensive logistics services for the production, storage and delivery of consumer goods. So that your goods reach the supermarket shelves as quickly as possible. 

Food Products

Food logistics requires a continuous cooling and organization chain. We offer this around the clock, seven days a week.


Due to the large variety of parts, the electrical industry requires special logistics solutions. We offer optimal storage and just-in-time delivery for your high-quality electronic articles. 

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