Chemicals require a special logistical approach.
Our customers appreciate our know-how for the handling of chemical substances.

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The chemical industry is an indispensable sector for all branches of industry, be it plastics processing, food production, pharmaceuticals or automotive and mechanical engineering. So when it comes to chemical production, take advantage of the extensive specialist knowledge and advanced equipment of our logisticians.

Many branches of industry depend on the products of the chemical industry. Whether liquid or solid, chemical substances serve as an indispensable basis for food, pharmaceuticals and a variety of everyday objects. The careful handling of chemicals requires extensive specialist knowledge and the right equipment from logisticians.

As a specialist in handling chemical products, we offer you comprehensive transport and value-added solutions, such as truck transport, rail transport, sea freight or air freight. In compliance with the highest quality and safety standards (SQAS, ISO 9001 and 14001), we also transport hazardous materials with and without temperature control. Our service is rounded off by sustainable quality controls, employee training, and Industry knowledge. A transparent presentation of the shipment process (Track & Trace) is also supplemented by project-related proactive reports.

Safety and know-how in the field of warehouse logistics play a crucial role in the chemical industry. As such, we enforce a high degree of safety in our processes. Special devices for the protection of the environment, employees and stored goods are just some factors that distinguish our sites. Not to mention, we have many years of experience in the storage and handling of chemical products, which enables us to handle goods of all kinds safely.

IT solutions tailored to the chemicals industry, comprehensive quality and certification management form the basis of our activities. So regardless of whether you want your goods to be stored at one of our sites or need your plant logistics to be taken over – your chemical products are safe in our experienced hands.

Among other things, we store water-polluting substances in separate warehouses and distribute them worldwide. Our trucks are equipped with dangerous goods equipment and all of our drivers hold dangerous goods driving licenses. We plan, control and optimize the transport of your chemicals in compliance with all regulations.

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Die Branche arbeitet mit komplexen Fertigungs- und Montage-Netzwerken. Wir sind der kompetente Partner für innovative Logistiklösungen- flexibel und zuverlässig.

Packaging Solutions

Verpackungsbedarf muss immer schneller bereit gestellt werden. Durch Lagerhallen mit Gleisanschluss bietet wir passgenaue Lagerung und Just-in Time Lieferung an.

Consumer Goods

Wir bieten umfassenden logistischen Service für die Produktion sowie Lagerung und Auslieferung von Konsumgütern an. Damit Ihre Ware auf schnellstem Wege in die Supermarktregale kommt.

Food Products

Nahrungsmittellogistik benötigt eine durchgehende Kühl- und Organisationskette. Wir bieten diese rund um die Uhr an sieben Tagen in der Woche.


Durch die große Teilevielfalt benötigt die Elektoindustrie besondere Logistiklösungen. Wir bieten für ihre hochwertigen Elektronikartikel die optimale Lagerung und Just-in-time-Anlieferung an.

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